Indie game studio.

2D mobile games.

Game studio

Mobile games for your company:

  • Analysing with you to provide the best gameplay for your business.
  • Deploying on Apple and Google stores.
  • Scaling up your data and backend services on AWS.
  • Iterating your UX using Google Analytics.


Bringing my web and mobile expertise to boost your team.

  • Expert at building large scale interactive websites and applications.
  • Expert knowledge of mobile development.


Designed and created a prototype for Coorpacademy R&D on gaming.


I submitted another Ludum Dare entry, on Compo category this time. Theme: Your life is currency

Kodo: find the Monster

Landed a new Kodo theme on both iOS and Android

App mobile Coorpacademy

Member of the mobile team, which delivered the first React Native app on stores for Coorpacademy.


Kodo: find the Color

Kodo 3.0: created a mobile game for iOS and Android. This is the first app using my common leaderboard and common IAP.

Totem Coorpacademy

Created a real-time multiplayer game for Coorpacademy. Each player answering questions on their on device, the first team completing the Totem wins.



Cherry is the backbone to my games released from 2017. This is a toolset to help being quicker developing with Solar2D

Cherry is a layer above Corona SDK, providing a toolset to create Corona games quicker.

Full documentation on Github readme

Game starter example, used for LD44.

More details

Velvet Coffee website

Designed and wrote Velvet Coffee first website


Cerise Music Ride

My first Ludum Dare participation. A mobile game developed with Solar2D, with my daughter's drawings <3



Phantoms is a new kind of mind game. You will have to find different paths in intricate 2D labyrinths. a mobile game released on Apple Store and Google Play.


Member of the dev team, we refactored the existing monolith into many React/Redux apps and AWS services. Coorpacademy offers a MOOC solution designed for corporations.



I co-founded Adillions as full-stack developer to build a disruptive new sweepstake.

Photobox MStudio

Customise a phonecase, a mug or a calendar with your mobile tablet: I've spent one year with Photobox as front-end freelance to help building their new web-mobile application.

Behind The Wind

My first platform game! Developed with Solar2D, with its twin app meant for level designing. Delivered on both iOS and Android.



Maperial was an open source javascript API to create WebGL maps. It was the front to my teamates' awesome backend exposing tiles from scientist data.

Kodo 1.0

Extending the previous mobile game to play with a funnier theme. Available on iOS and Android.

The Lightning Planet

My first mobile game developed with Solar2D. Available on iOS and Android.


Diligis was an app that helped you meet new business connections during your business trips. I've build the whole platform and mobile prototype



Developed a wishlist as Facebook app with 4 teamates. The app was connected to many API such as Amazon to centralise items.

The Band

Developed a composition tool prototype with Flex. Inspired by dance e-jay saga!


Eram Assortiment

Developed 2 internal tools for Eram as freelance.

Tribes And Khans

Tribes And Khans was a free MMO Strategy game. Build cities, raise armies to extend your lands, use merchants caravans to share your resources.



My first freelance mission: I joined a team on a Flex project


Created a multiplayer Flash game, deployed as Facebook application.


Created a reflexion Flash game about squares.


Lands of Uralys

Developed a MMO browser game. The player controlled a dynasty of magicians and warriors, crafted items and fought against other players on turned based battles.

Serendi 0.1

I joined 4 partners to create a voting platform, we ended with a small prototype.



My first real job, in a start-up, where I developed a java API, and few client side pieces. I guess this awesome team gave me this taste for building dynamic projects that still drives me today.


My first 2D platformer! coming with its own level editor <3

Aspects Software

This internship ended my graduate course: I helped the team develop internal tools to interface their building processes.



ENSEIRB delivers a Diploma of Engineering at a level equivalent to 5 years of higher education.


Scientific CPGE

Scientific CPGE, specialized in Mathematics and Physics (MP/MPSI).