Tribes And Khans

  • Tribes And Khans
    Full Stack Developer
    Game Designer
    December 2010 - July 2012
    (1 year 7 months)
  • Technologies
    Flex 4
    Spring Framework
    Google AppEngine
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    Development :
    Design/UX/UI :
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MMO Strategy game

Free browser game


Build cities, raise armies to extend your lands, use merchants caravans to share your resources.

Tribes And Khans was a free MMO Strategy game.

Awesome drawings


Thanks to Adrien Thollot, version 1.3 begins to look like a game with awesome characters and a great scene.



The game ran 24/24h on a hex-board. You could move your troops to conquer new lands or to defend your boundaries.



This Tumblr archives the evolution of the game from the start : 4 versions during near 2 years of development !

Open source


You may now find the source code on Github for archive.

Servers still available

For the most curious : )

Here you may find the 3rd version (1.2),

and here is the 4th version (1.3)

(just wait a couple of minutes for Google AppEngine to wake it up for you ; )


Music and sound effects by Velvet Coffee

Illustrations from Adrien Thollot