The Lightning Planet

  • The Lightning Planet
    Mobile Developer
    Game Designer
    July - August 2013
    (2 months)
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    Corona SDK
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2D Mobile Game

Speed Game


Colored asteroids are rushing to your Planet.

Be quick to switch its color at the right time.

Play now, it's free !

4 modes

Test your mental agility as the game speeds up.

  • Classic : Asteroids are rushing quicker and quicker, catch them as long as possible !
  • Combo : Destroy asteroids in a specific order to achieve Combo.
  • Time Attack : Get the more points possible in the given time.
  • Kamikaze : Get the more points possible with the given Energy.


Corona SDK ❤ Lua ❤

CBEffects : Thanks Gymbyl Coding ❤ for this awesome effects lib !

Music and sound effects by Velvet Coffee

The game's icons come from The Noun Project

Squares designed by SuperAtic LABS

Redo designed by P.J. Onori

Square designed by Renee Ramsey-Passmore

Settings designed by Luis Rodrigues

Play designed by Jardson Araújo

Coffee designed by Roman Trilo-Denysyuk